Manufacturing Execution System - MES

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a production control system required for production planning and administration of production release of your enterprise.

1С:Enterprise 8. MES Operations Management

1С:MES enables to create and ensure the performance of operations schedule optimized by specified criteria in terms of production resources availability that is coordinated between a number of operating units involved in business processes.

This product is intended for use in the following operating units:
  • Production scheduling and financial department;
  • Operations control department;
  • Logistics support department;
  • Quality control department;
  • Payroll department;
  • Chief Designer’s department;
  • Chief Process Engineer’s department;
  • Production units.

Improvement of technical and economic indicators of production while implementing the system of operational management of production is achieved through:
  • Reducing the lead-time for orders by rationally loading equipment, reducing unproductive labour, reducing downtime and storage time of materials to be processed;
  • Ensuring the promptness of receipt and reliability of data on material flows, timing, available stocks and costs at all stages of manufacturing the final product;
  • Improving the system of accounting and reporting, simplifying and streamlining the production workflow.

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