Corporate Performance Management (CPM) are comprehensive automation solutions designed for
holding managing companies


The release of the 1C flagship product range is due to a steady increase in the number of
organizations that use several solutions simultaneously on the unified 1С:Enterprise 8.3
platform, comprising:
  • 1С:Holding Company Management 8 (1С:Accounting 8 CORP included);
  • 1С:ERP 2;
  • 1С:Payroll & HR Management 8 CORP;
  • 1С:Document Management 8 CORP.

The synergy effect from using these typical solutions can be achieved due to the possibility
of implementing end-to-end business processes in the course of the delivery of enterprise
automation projects:
  • Master data management (1С:Holding Management and others);
  • Centralized purchases (1С:Holding Management, 1С:ERP and 1С:Document Management);
  • Centralized treasury (1С:Holding Management, 1С:ERP and 1С:Document Management);
  • Centralized budgeting (1С:Holding Management and 1С:ERP);
  • Consolidation of reports, budgets, IFRS (1С:Holding Management and 1С:ERP);
  • Work sharing with 1С: Document Management from the 1С:ERP interface.

1С:Holding Management 8

The software product is designed for integrated automation of holding managing companies
and it comprises the following modules:
  • Activity-based budgeting;
  • IFRS and managerial reporting;
  • Centralized purchases management;
  • Corporate tax management;
  • Investment projects;
  • Contract management;
  • Treasury;
  • Accounting;
  • Master data management, integration tools, cross-system business processes.

The solution implementation will enable to:
  • Get a single version of the truth (SVOT) and improve the employee interaction in the context of a large number of organizations and external IT systems;
  • Increase the accuracy and budgeting horizon;
  • Better manage financial risks and working capital;
  • Optimally centralize business functions;
  • Reduce the time required to prepare IFRS statements.

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