ICL-KME CS is a leading Russian company, which offers integrated IT solutions and services, ranging from consultancy, design, implementation through to warranty service and maintenance of information systems regardless of scale.

ICL-КME CS was founded in 1991 by the Kazan Manufacturing Enterprise of Computer Systems (KME CS) and Britain’s International Computers Limited (ICL).

ICL-КME CS today is Russia’s biggest system integrator. The company’s key business areas include:

  • data management systems design and implementation both for state organizations and corporate business entities;
  • information security and protection in data management systems, local area networks (LAN), software & hardware, telecommunication systems;
  • automation of business management in accordance with MRP-II и ERP standards;
  • design, implementation, maintenance and support of operational and accounting systems of any kind of complexity;
  • finance and accounting systems design, implementation and support for enterprises and organizations of any kind of property and structure;
  • system-wide and application software development, information systems implementation and support services;
  • project development and design of global, corporate and local telecommunication systems and structured cabling networks;
  • serial production of servers, desktop PCs and laptops under own brand name RAY;
  • hardware and software distribution;
  • integrated IT support services under the appropriate licences;
  • IT consulting services, training, skill development and reeducation.


The ICL-КME CS business partners are the world’s and Russia’s leading companies such as APC Corporation, Autodesk, Inc., Citrix Systems, Inc., Cisco Systems, Inc., Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P., Intel Corporation, Intermech, Microsoft Corporation, Mitsui-Ricoh CIS, Oracle Corporation, Symantec Corporation, ViewSonic Corporation, UGS, Infosec, Inc., Kaspersky Laboratory, Intalev. The long-term and successful cooperation with IT leaders allows ICL-КME CS to supply up-to-date, reliable products and services of high quality.

The company’s customer base includes federal ministries and agencies, Russia’s biggest enterprises in telecommunications and fuel and energy sectors, banks, industrial and commercial groups, state and private companies. The company’s extensive expertise in development and implementation of the large-scale IT projects and highly experienced team of specialists are the key to its success and ensure high level of customer service.

The ICL-КME CS quality management system meets the requirements of the Russian GOST R ISO 9001-2001 and the international ISO 9001:2000 standards.